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Our company was established in 1982. We do custom acrylic fabrication. We make many different plastic products, but our main product is replacement fire extinguisher covers.

We supply many different customers such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. The extinguisher covers are made of acrylic or a high impact plastic which comes with a lifetime warranty. If one of the unbreakable covers happens to break, it will be replaced at no cost.

Unbreakables are marked on the end flange with an x pressed into the plastic. To receive a replacement, the bubble must be returned with the x on it.  Our turn-around time is sometimes same day, or up to three days, depending on the order.

We also supply flat scored acrylic for the cabinets, where the plastic has to be broken to reach the extinguisher. We can supply any size flat scored acrylic. Available email for pricing.

All products are made in Pennsylvania with American Material.

To contact us please use out contact page